25 Secrets for Bathing Dogs with Quick and Easy Tricks


Bathing Dogs

Bathing dogs is not an easy task for many owners. Dogs hate the bath time more than anything, that even the sound of flowing water may scare them. Some dogs run out of the house and others become so resisting that it becomes hard to take them to the washrooms for a bathe.

25 Secrets for Bathing Dogs with Quick and Easy Tricks

Here are the secrets that will turn your dog that runs away to a dog that enjoys the bath time. 

 1. Use warm water  

The water must not be too hot or too cold, it must be lukewarm water. The dogs get scared by the sudden temperature change

2. Don’t splash water in the face

While bathing dogs do not splash water in their face directly. First wash other parts of his body then come to the face at last

3. Use Pet shower Sprayer 

Dogs do not like the harsh sounding and forceful water flow in their skin, so use a slow and smooth water flow for bathing dogs

4. Take them for a long walk before bathing

Taking them for a long walk makes them tiered and their body temperature increases. Due to the increase in temperature they would love to take bath easily and quickly

5. Do not bath them in a hurry

Do not drag them to the washrooms in a hurry and be harsh to them as you do not have sufficient time. Bathe them when you have sufficient time for it

6. Bring a positive attitude

Do not make the bathing environment a place they hate, instead make it a place they would love and have fun by giving them treat in washrooms and playing some game around there

7. Make bathing a fun game

Do not just bath them during the bath time. Take with you their favorite toys and play with them while giving them a bath

8. Socialize your dog 

Your dog will learn to enjoy bathing by seeing another dog enjoying his bath. So introduce the new friend and make them take bath together, they will enjoy it together

9. Be polite and childish

Do not just bathe your dog as a duty but make it a fun that your dog will want to do it again and again. Be polite to your dog and playful that you need not to drag them the next time

10. Take him for bath with treats

Dogs are so scared of the sound that they will feel scared to go to the bathrooms also. take them to the washroom/tub by giving them their favorite treat all the way

11. Let him feel comfortable before starting

Give him time to be comfortable before you start to pour water on him suddenly. Start with little water on his feet and legs first, then to the rest of the body 

12. Keep the running water sound low

Dogs get scared by the sound so if you keep the sound very low or if their is no sound at all it will be a good thing to do for them

13. Bath with them

Do not let them do that like a punishment. Play with them and enjoy the bath time with them so that they do not feel it like some punishment

14. Positive environment in bathroom

Make the bathroom a place of fun with treats and games along with bathing dogs and involve yourself in the game

15. If you use gloves, introduce to them

Anything that scares them is not a good sign. so if you want to use a gloves, show them before by playing games and rubbing them with your gloves on

16. Introduce the blow dryer with low speed

Again sound scares them as they can hear even a low sound, so start the drying process with the lowest speed and sound so that they stand still for you to complete doing it

17. Use three towels Method

Use three towels one for standing, one for stopping her from slashing water around and another for patting them wet. The first one will avoid slipping in the bath tub. the second one will stop the dog from shaking off the water around the area 

18. Get all the Dog Items near the Bathing Area

Get the Dog soap, Dog shampoo, Dog conditioner and other stuffs near you, so that you need not to leave your dog alone and bring the items from another place and meanwhile your dog follows you or runs away

19. Brush your dog during the bath

Dogs love getting brushed, continue that even when bathing dogs that they will expect you to brush them every time you give them bath.

20. Reward him with treat after bath time

Every time the bath time is over give them a good treat that they understand that taking bath can give them a treat. This makes making them bath very easy

21. Brush your dog after the bath

Same as the others, if you continue doing same thing everything, they will start expecting it from you every other time. As they love getting brushed, brush them after they are dry

22. Do not be Rude/ Order

Ordering your dog or scaring them with a stick is not a good idea as they will get scared of you and you will spoil your relationship with him. He will not be friendly with you, instead he will be afraid of you

23. Do not do harsh rubbing

Dog’s hair falls and harsh rubbing may hurt them, be very polite and slow person with them. Make sure nothing hurts them to make them feel bathing as a good thing

24. Do not bath very often

Bathing dogs very often may lead to many problems. Your dog can catch cold as you do. They can loose their hair quickly so bath them once a month or once in two weeks

25. Use leash if required

Sometime if you forget to take some things while you are giving them bath then it is not a bad idea but if your dog is not standing still, you can also use leash to make them stand still for the bath

These easy steps will help you in making your dog the bath loving dog.

There are some steps that most of the people follow to bathe or wash their dogs that can be used by any dog owner for any breed. Here are the quick and easy steps you must follow.

Easy and Quick Steps for Bathing dogs

  1. Clean the washroom and keep away open soaps and other products that may get dirty or wet by the dog or the water that the dog may splash
  2. Prepare warm water bath according to the time it will take to bring him to the bath tub
  3. Take three towels, dog shampoo, pet shower sprayer, brushes, gloves, dog soaps, dog pow wash, dryers dryers, dog bathtubs, pet bathing tethers or leash and any other products that you use to the place where you have planned to give them a bath
  4. Place a towel on the floor where the dog will stand to prevent getting slipped 
  5. Start giving your dog treats from the place they are to the washroom area, politely
  6. Play fetch near the washroom area if you have enough space
  7. Take some toys to the washroom or the bath tub
  8. Invite him to the bath tub and play with him for three to five minutes
  9. Start washing his paws first, meanwhile keep interacting with him
  10. Wash his legs, tail and anus properly giving him a belly rub in between
  11. Slowly give him a sower without allowing water to his face
  12. At last wash his face without splashing water. Gently wash the face by taking water in your hands
  13. Keep a towel over his back so that he do not splash out water around the area
  14.  If required give him treat in between, play with him and give him a belly rub
  15. After everything is done, dry him with dryer and give him a good treat.

25 Secrets for Bathing Dogs with Quick and Easy Tricks

Important points to note 

There are some important things that you must keep in mind if you are a dog owner and you want to keep your dog healthy till the end. Read these points to be a good dog owner. Noticing these small things may indicate a big change in them sometimes, so keeping an eye on the changes may save their lives.

  1. It is very important to wash the paws, ears and anus of the dog as these are the places where they the smell comes from them.
  2. Check regularly for any ticks, fleas or bugs on their body
  3. Keep an eye on their nose dryness or wetness 
  4. Change in the amount of hair-fall
  5. Do not bathe them regularly when they are too small and when they are too old 

Be a happy dog owner. Dogs trust their human so much so don’t scare them, love them unconditionally. this what they want from you. You are their world, make your world theirs. 

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