Frontline Plus Dogs Of All Size And Breed | A solution For A Healthy Skin


Frontline Plus Dogs

Frontline plus dogs is the best solution for the fleas and ticks in dogs or any kind of animals. This solution kills adult fleas, their pupa, eggs and worms. It is 100% effective for all skin types.

Frontline Plus Dogs Of All Sizes And Breeds | A solution For A Healthy Skin

It works within 24 hours and completely kills all the ticks and fleas in 48 hours. Therefore the pet or animal must not be washed before and after 48 hours of applying this solution.

Frontline plus dogs has insect growth regulators which kills all the stages of an insect. These ticks and fleas cause major diseases in pets and animals.

The insects in a dog’s skin is also harmful to the human being. They can cause severe skin problems. Therefore the pets must be clean all the time.

Frontline Plus can be applied to the dogs above the age of 8 weeks and to cats above the age of 6 weeks. 

Since the insects byte the dogs, they cause hair fall, itching, pain and diseases. Therefore it is always advised to keep a closer observation of the dogs, if they have any insect on them. 

In conclusion every pet deserves to be healthy and happy, therefore help then stay healthy and happy for longer period of time.

The insects

Since there are many different types of insects that attack the pets, it was very difficult to get rid of them. Finally Frontline Plus dogs has come to a rescue by breaking their life cycle. 

Breaking the life cycle of these fleas, ticks, lice, heart worm, intestinal worms etc is the best way to get rid of them. Stop applying all those chemicals on your pets and start using frontline plus dogs from today. 

Frontline Plus Dogs Of All Sizes And Breeds | A solution For A Healthy Skin

Consequently you will notice the difference within 24 hours. There is no need of combing off the insects. Probably they will die and fall off from the dog’s body.

Not only these insects are harmful for the pets but they cause severe allergies to the human beings around them too. They get into the human food chain and cause many diseases. It is important to take care of your pet from the first day when you own them.

Furthermore these insects come from other pets around or from the dirty environment they are in. So care must be taken that your pet do not leave the house frequently and meet other homeless animals (which the cat does). Cats do not scratch but they groom so it is not easily identified. 

In addition to all the precautions note the main source of the insects or fleas and protect your dog from the source next time. 

Direction for use

There are different amount of frontline plus dogs available for different size of pets, therefore keep this in mind while buying one for your pet.

The following are the applicators available for different sized dogs:

  • 0.67 ml for 22 lbs dogs.
  • 1.34 ml for 23-44 lbs dogs.
  • 2.68 ml for 45-88 lbs dogs.
  • 4.02 ml for 89-132 lbs dogs.

Frontline Plus Dogs Of All Sizes And Breeds | A solution For A Healthy Skin

  1. Open the child proof package carefully.
  2. The applicator filled with the solution has a opening tip on one side.
  3. That tip must be snapped oped by bending it on one side.
  4. The dog’s hairs must be held apart so that the skin is visible.
  5. All the contents of the applicator must be emptied directly in the skin (in a single spot).


  • 3 packs= 3 dose (for 3 months)
  • Do not bathe 48 hours before and after.
  • Do not apply for pets below 8 weeks old.
  • Pet may experience irritation for short time.
  • Select the right frontline plus for the right sized dog.
  • It is advised to apply this product in the shoulder line, so that the dog could not reach out to lick it away.
  • While opening the applicator hold it away from your eyes and body.
  • Do not apply again within 30 days.
  • It is flammable product.
  • It is poisonous for human being so wash hands after application.
  • When discarding wrap in layers of news paper.
  • Consult a veterinarian before using on sick, medicated and aged dogs.
  • Do not use on rabbits

Frontline Plus Dogs Of All Sizes And Breeds | A solution For A Healthy Skin


  • Frontline Plus dogs Kills all fleas and ticks in 12 hours.
  • A single application protects for a month.
  • It prevents sarcoptic mange infections in dogs.
  • It is waterproof.
  • The solution can be stored at room temperature.
  • Frontline Plus kills all stages of ticks, fleas, chewing lice etc.
  • It eliminates infestation caused by chewing lice.
  • It can be used when the dog or cat is breeding, pregnant or even nursing.
  • Gives protection from American dog ticks, brown ticks, deer ticks and lone star ticks.
  • Helpful for treating Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)


Active Ingredients
Fipronil 9.8%
(S)-Methoprene 8.8%

Frequently Asked Qquestions

Q. Where to apply?
A. In the shoulder blade directly in the skin (not in hair).

Q. When to bath?
A. Not before and after 48 hours.

Q. Frontline Plus can be used in cold season?
A. Yes, it can be used in any season of the year.

Q. How often?
A. After 30 days.

Q. Does the applicator size matter?
A. Yes, correct size must be used for the right size of dogs.

Q. Are product with fipronil same as frontline plus.
A. No frontline also contains growth regulators.

Q. Is Frontline plus applicable for both dogs and cats?
A. No, you need to used different products made for cats and dogs with their sizes.

Q. What to do if applied dog’s frontline plus for cats?
A. Wash it off with a tissue or bathe it. And consult your veterinarian.

Q. How long will it take to kill all insects completely?
A. It will take 24 hours.

Q. Frontline kills worms?
A. No it does not kill worms.

Q. Can Frontline Plus act as repellent?
A. No, they do not act as repellent.

Q. Why still fleas visible on dog’s hair?
A. Fleas that comes in contact with dog’s skin dies in 24 hours.

Q. My dog is not scratching, is it necessary to apply?
A. Yes, Many dogs are not sensitive to the insect bytes.

Q. Is it necessary to apply to all pets in house?
A. Yes, it is.

Q. Cats get more flea than dogs?
A. Yes they do.

Q. What happens if the dog licks frontline plus?
A. Increased saliva secretion due to bitterness.

A Video Representation of “How to apply Frontline Plus dogs”

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